Peck Manufacturing is a family owned and operated agricultural manufacturing company which has been producing portable grain augers for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on being an American small business which focuses on producing the highest quality grain augers possible. All our new augers are provided with an 18 month warranty and we maintain a readily available stock of parts. Our augers are meant to stand the test of time and, as a result, we’ll service any Peck auger at very reasonable rates.

Peck Manufacturing has been producing Portable Grain Augers since 1969 at our plant in Herman, NE. We started by making 6″ and 7″ augers. Both of these sizes were discontinued in the 1970’s. We have been making 8″ and 10″ augers since 1976 and 1982, respectively.


Peck Manufacturing Plant

130 Highway 75, Herman, NE 68029, US


Farmers expect to receive quality and reliable machinery, along with good value for money. Our focus when designing and building our range of Peck Manufacturing Augers is to ensure that each auger is built strong and solid, to last in USA’s harsh and demanding farming areas. We use heavy materials to build our augers, and we build them so that they are simple to use and easy to maintain. Our features are unique in design, yet all work together to result in a fabulous performing machine. We believe that in business, there is nothing more satisfying than to talk to happy customers. We work hard to achieve this.

Users of our augers are our best sales personnel. Some customers have confidently returned to buy a second Peck Manufacturing auger. We believe if you make the product high standard, and you keep your customers happy, selling is much easier and ongoing. This helps us to fund research and development. It also helps us employ skilled workers in a rural factory located in a very small town called Nebraska. Our staff are local people with very good skills. They all take pride in their workmanship, and share in the accolades we receive regarding our Peck Manufacturing augers.